Dream Bigger!

“So dare to dream. Dream your wildest dreams. You can climb the highest mountain. You can drown in a teacup, if you find a big enough teacup. And if somebody tells you that you can’t do something, you say, ‘Yes, I can. ‘Cause I’m doing it right now!'”

– Dinner for Schmucks


My Take: Something Borrowed (2011)

For long I’ve been thinking about which movie I should give my take on because since I started my blog I’ve only written about one movie. Looked long and hard but nothing was worth spending my time and writing about it. Until I came across Something Borrowed.

Something Borrowed is an American romantic comedy film based on Emily Griffin’s book.  It’s about a single new yorker, Rachel, who falls for her best friend’s fiance, Dex. Secrets have to be kept as a love affair flame grows. How far does it go?

This movie is a keeper. ‘Why?’ you might ask me. It’s because I kept thinking about it long after it was done and that’s how you know if you’ve watched a good movie. It left a mark. Yes, it’s a chick flick but it’s one of those which would make any guy glued to the screen. Somehow the writer found a way to make us relate to it. I’ve never been in such situations but I felt like I have.

On the technical side everything is good. Most of the movie is filmed in New York, a perfect place for a love affair. It gives the movie a ‘dreamy effect’. For many, New York is a dream like Paris and other major cities. The music used in the movie compliments this effect perfectly. Kate Hudson done a brilliant job. She plays the best friend of Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin). I love the way she portrayed her character providing a lot of humor. She’s the star of the movie. I also enjoyed watching Ginnifer Goodwin, her smile lights up the screen. Other cast members include John Krasinski, Colin Egglesfield and Steve Howey.

Like human beings, movies are never flawless but this one comes pretty close. Girls if you want to spend tears on a good movie. Guys if you want to get relationship tips. And if anybody is looking for a good laugh, THIS IS YOUR MOVIE! It’s not as predictable as movies are these days.

Favorite Scene: At the end. I’m not going to spoil it for you all by telling you what happens. All im going to say is that the end makes everything feel real and not just like a movie. That’s all we actually ever want from a movie.

Rating Out Of 10: Well deserved 9