My Take: Abduction (2011)


Abduction is an action thriller about a teenager who discovers that the people who he thought were his parents are not his real parents. He finds himself in a race to evade an army of assassins and federal operatives. Its directed by John Singleton. The cast includes twilight star Taylor Lautner,  Lily Collins, Sigourney Weaver and Maria Bello.

Before the movie started,  I was actually really excited to watch it because I love the idea of teenagers involved in an action storyline. I was also excited to see Taylor Lautner, who plays Nathan, portraying another character different from the one he plays in the Twilight Saga. Within 10 minutes in the movie I was disappointed, annoyed and bored. Mainly because of Taylor’s acting. Although Taylor is young,  he doesn’t do a good job in portraying a teenager. I tried looking past his acting but its hard not noticing his awful performance.

Not to worry, the movie does get better. The acting also gets better and more realistic thanks to Lily Collins who plays Karen Murphy. She’s one of the only good things about this movie. The idea of the movie is good but I feel that it was poorly executed. The writers tried adding a few twists but they failed in getting the expected reaction from me.

Action lovers beware, there’s not as much action as you would think there is. It’s a typical cat and mouse action movie where there is more chasing and less fighting. Like drama’s, thrillers are supposed to play with the audiences’ emotions. Abduction fails at doing that. It’s a plain simple movie. Not Boring but not interesting either.

Rating out of 10: It’s an OKAY movie therefore it receives 5