Tata Nelson Rolihlalha Mandela


Rest In Peace


What to watch in Decemeber 2013

December is the ‘cinema going’ season here in South Africa. These are the top 7 movies I’m looking forward to see. These are the movies I’m basically going to spend December with. Continue reading

My Take: Alex Cross (2012)

TYLER PERRY and MATTHEW FOX star in ALEX CROSS Photo: Sidney Baldwin

Alex Cross is an American crime action film directed by Rob Cohen. It stars Tyler Perry and Matthew Fox. The film follows Tyler Perry’s character, Dr Alex Cross as he seeks vengeance on his pregnant wife’s killer. Continue reading


Throwback: Holy Man (1998)


‘What’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ were the three words that came to mind after watching this movie. WHAT did I just watch? WHY would someone make such a movie and HOW was it able to make it to cinema.  This movie is just a big ball of failure, from the acting to the cinematography, the story to the locations. The interesting thing about this is that the film has great people involved. Such as actors Eddie Murphy and Jeff Goldblum. It even has screenwriter Tom Schulman best known for his screenplay for Dead Poet Society which won the Best Screen Play Academy Award in 1989. How then was it able to be such a failure? Continue reading