Throwback: In Good Company (2004)


In Good Company is a romantic comedy about a middle aged executive who gets demoted and is stuck with a man half his age as his new boss. To make things worse, his boss dates his eldest daughter. The film stars Dennis Quaid, Topher Grace and Scarlett Johansson. It is directed by Paul Weitz.

There’s really not much to write about this film because everything is just okay. Story is okay. Performances are just okay. Its also a technically okay film. There’s really nothing new or fascinating about the film. This is surprising because its written and directed by an above average director, Paul Weitz, who is known for his good comedic films. He’s directed and written films such as American Pie, Nutty Professor II: The Klumps and About A Boy.

It’s always great having Dennis Quaid and his charming smile on our screens, however his performance was flat. I don’t blame him because there was nothing challenging about his character. The same goes with Topher Grace and Scarlett Johansson. I’ve seen them all give great performances in other films. It’s sad to see them not being challenged in this film.

Don’t get me wrong, this film is not bad at all. There’s a few good enjoyable moments. I just won’t suggest you go looking for this film to watch.

My rating: 5 out of 10


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