My Take: Gods of Egypt (2016)


Gods of Egypt is a film about a mortal who partners up with an Egyptian God, Horus, to save the Egyptian people from Set’s destructive rule. The film features Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Brenton Thwaites and Chadwick Boseman. It’s directed and produced by Alex Proyas.

What I really enjoyed about this film was the art direction. The costumes were brilliant, very enticing. The set design was extraordinary. We have Sophie Nash and Michael Turner to thank for leading the art department, as art directors, very well. This was definitely my favorite aspect about the film. This film is very dependent on visual effects (understandably) to tell the story which had its ups and downs. There were a lot of shots where one could clearly see the use of green/blue screen. For a big budget film this is unacceptable. The audience jumps out of the story once such shots come up. Fortunately this only happens a few times.

The story is very refreshing. Greek mythology tends to be the first choice for producers so it was stimulating seeing a story about the Egyptian Gods. It’s also an exciting and simple story. The performances are generally good however not Oscar worthy. I must point out that Nikolaj and Brenton make an amazing onscreen duo. The one problem I had about the cast is that it was very white for an Egyptian story. It would have been great seeing some Egyptian actors and actresses gracing our screens.

This film is great for a family movie night. So I suggest you grab the little ones, get some popcorn and just enjoy the world of the Egyptian gods.

My rating out of 10: 6½


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