A Mistake

I actually took this picture by mistake with my phone while I was taking a walk. Came out pretty cool for a mistake.

“There are no mistakes, no coincidences. All events are  blessings given to us to learn from.”
– Elisabeth Kubler-Ross


7 Photographers You Should Love

After a lot of research I concluded that these 7 young photographers are my favorite

1. Faye Sampson

She is a internationally published editorial and fashion photographer, based in London.

2. Natalie Bothur

She is based in Cologne, Germany

3. Ailera Stone

“I live in a tree house at the world’s end and I take pictures of ships coming home every night”

20 years old photographer from Vilnius, Lithuania, now living and studying photography in London, United Kingdom.

4. Logan Hunt

Is a young portrait photographer based out of Nashville.

5. Jenny Nordquist

Based in London, United Kingdom

6. Tamara Halsall

Is a photography student from Isle of Man based in Douglas, United Kingdom

7. Alexandra Sophie –   MY PERSONAL FAVORITE!

 “I’m a self-taught photographer and I like to wear dress, going to picnic and walking barefeet.”

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